Eagle Shadow

Guillaume CARLE

Guillaume Carle is the Actual National Grand Chief and National Spiritual Elder of the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada. Born July 4th 1960, he has always defended the people that were in need. His approach and state of mind his to defend and apply the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for the Respect and Dignity for all Human Beings and all Living Things on this planet.

Since 1996, Grand Chief Carle as defended the rights of many Aboriginal People of Canada. He has fought the injustice against the people performed by the Provincial and Federal Governments of Canada. Many of these cases involved the defense of Ancestral Aboriginal legal cases. “As a Grand Chief and National Spiritual Elder of the Aboriginal People, I cannot and will not abandon the people in need of my assistance, against discrimination and abuse” declared Grand Chief Carle on many occasions.

Since the last 15 years, Grand Chief Carle as been recognized and chosen to evaluate and adjudicate, with success, many litigation circumstances that have involved serious prejudice and discrimination against the people requesting his intervention in the different files. He is therefore, a specialist in the defense and the application of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the International Treaty and the Agreements that contain them based on the Charter of the United Nations.

It is for these reasons, that Grand Chief Carle’s work and stance has been recognized internationally as “THE WARRIOR AGAINST DISCRIMINATION AND ABUSE” with the following Distinctions and Decorations. Here are a few Honors that Grand Chief Carle has received in the last years for his brave vision and attitude regarding the protection for the People’s Rights

In October 2007, Grand Chief Carle was presented with the International distinction “The Golden Medal Decoration”, the Highest Distinction is attributed to the Best Servers of Humanity. This prestigious Distinction, was delivered by the Ligue Universelle du Bien Public (LUBP) located in Paris, France. The LUBP is recognized and attached to the United Nations as an NGO. It was founded in the year of 1464 in Europe to Protect the Rights of the People Suffering of Discrimination and Abuse.

July 2007, Grand Chief Carle received the International Civic Star. The same Distinction delivered to John F. Kennedy (ex-President of U.S.A), Martin Luther King (Defender against racial discrimination in U.S.A), President Roosevelt (ex-President of the U.S.A) and other prestigious personality.

Grand Chief Carle was presented this Distinction because of his persistent attitude to protect the Fundamental Principal that every individual before and under the law, Has the Right to Equal Protection and Equal Benefit of the Law without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

July 2006, Grand Chief Carle was Democratically Elected National Grand Chief of the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada, because of his knowledge and wisdom that he carries toward the responsibility to the people as the Aboriginal Grand Chief. He was Chosen and Elected Provincial and National Grand Chief during the last years, since the People of the different Communities have recognized and appreciated his quality as a Provincial and National Leader and Defender of the Human Rights.

July 2006, Grand Chief Carle, Ouchtogan Migizi (Eagle Head), was named National Spiritual Elder. As a matter of fact, by Unanimous Resolution he was recognized and Named as the National Aboriginal Spiritual Elder, because of his undisputed Wisdom, Traditional Knowledge and Bravery Vision, as well as, the Attribution of the Highest Quality and Responsibility to Carry the Sacred Grand Calumet and Sacred Eagle Feather.

December 2005, Grand Chief Carle was solicited to become the Provincial Grand Chief for the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Quebec. The Chiefs of the Quebec Aboriginal Communities have Selected and Elected Grand Chief Carle for his implication to sustain and develop the Social and Economical programs that will benefit the future generations. This would assure the people that their efforts to defend the Aboriginal Rights contained in the Canadian Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights would not go in vain


September 2004, Grand Chief Carle, was presented at the Annual General Assembly of the Native Alliance of Québec the Mandate and Responsibility to Carry “The Sacred Grand Calumet and The Sacred Eagle Feather”. On that same occasion the General Assembly also Recognized and Named, Provincial Spiritual Elder. The motion was adopted unanimously.

August 2003, Grand Chief Carle, was elected Provincial Grand Chief for the Native Alliance of Québec. During the Assembly he promised to the People, that he would defend their Rights and bring to his communities recognition as human beings, Adapted Health / Education Programs and Social and Economical Development.

He is a bilingual Aboriginal with two Certified Systems Engineer Diploma in Microsoft (Server and Security Systems). His certification includes MCSE, MCSE + Internet, MCSE 2000, MCDBA, MCT, NCSA. He is an informatics professional Engineer and trainer with 20 years experience in computer programming and systems analysis and integration. Mr. Carle is also a fully certified Computer Systems Engineer, Certified Systems Engineer 2000 as well as a Certified Novell & Microsoft Systems + Internet, Microsoft Certified Data Base (SQL server and developer, installer, administrator) and Hardware/Software Certified (A+), and Certified Computer Technology Instructor (MCT).

Mr. Carle has extensive experience in dealing with Aboriginal Youth Problems/Issues, in particular training and labor issues. As the founder and CEO of Night Hawk Technologies Inc., he has developed many initiatives for Aboriginal business ventures. Specifically, he has directed Night Hawk’s focus on the training and employment of Aboriginal youth. He has established close relations with several Communities located in Québec and Ontario, fostering opportunities for the Economic Development and Job Creation for Aboriginal Communities.

Mr. Carle's most recent accomplishments include serving as an Administration Officer for several projects for example: The Department of National Defense (DND), secondly, acted as the Project Status/Appeals Representative regarding legislation for the Canada Pension Plan, and as a Software Support Specialist with the Policy Interpretation Division of Human Resources Development Canada.

The Operation Excelerate Project at DND utilized Mr. Carle's extensive skill sets in a multitude of roles including Computer Systems Designer and Developer, IM/IT training specialist, conference organizer, project manager, and official translator. These opportunities allowed Mr. Carle to assist in a project for the complete implementation and rollout of a new system for the DND Communications and Electronics Branch, DBase system for the regular, reserve and released members.

Mr. Carle's vast knowledge and experience also includes the management of several communities and including profit and non-profit Corporations, successful construction firms, taking responsibility for such duties as business re-engineering, strategic planning, client liaison, the preparation and maintenance of budgets and performance processes, quality control, and employee supervision and training.